A Word From The Founder

My name is Marissa! I wanted to shape my body to feel more confident and feminine, however I couldn't find a supplement brand that understood women. Everything I found was either made for men or hardcore athletes, NOT for the woman who simply wanted that hourglass figure. (plus those supplements look ugly on my kitchen counter). All I wanted to grow my booty and shrink my waist but the supplements available were way too confusing, weren't clear about exactly what they could help with and you couldn't understand unless you've spent tons of hours doing research. So with that frustration VOLUP was born.

Our mission is to make sculpting your feminine figure easy.

Together with my passion for an active lifestyle, personal experience in the gym and my Bachelor’s of Nursing Science education I am able to take what I’ve learned and develop products that are safe and beneficial to any woman that works out regularly. I hope you can join me in this journey to a VOLUPtuous body.

Marissa Gayne
Instagram: @VolupCompany