A Word From The Founder

After gaining some exposure in healthcare, I quickly learned that I have a heart for encouraging other women in both physical health, mental health and confidence. I decided to build my own business so I can work with inspiring women, immerse myself in the fitness community, and ultimately help women grow in confidence, and achieve their goals. 

Together with my passion for an active lifestyle, personal experience in the gym and my Bachelor’s of Nursing Science education I am able to take what I’ve learned and develop products that are safe and beneficial to any woman that works out regularly. I hope you can join me in this journey to a healthy life, meaningful relationships, and of course, a bigger booty. 

Marissa Gayne BSN, RN 


We are all about helping you build your greatest potential, growing your booty, and gaining confidence. We pride our self on our ability to produce high quality supplements for women from all stages in their fitness journey.

Until Booty Supps, the supplement industry has been designed with one population in mind; men. But now more than ever, women feel comfortable to pursue a body that makes them feel good about themselves. Booty Supps is the first to address this large population of women and is brought to you by a woman ready to change the industry.

At Booty Supps, you don’t need to be a competitor or bodybuilder to take supplements. Our supplements can help anyone. Whether you work out three hours a week or three hours a day (now that's dedication!), they’re just here to give you an edge on your workouts so you can get the body and booty you’ve been after.

Formulated by a Registered Nurse with a aptitude for health & safety, you can trust you are fueling your booty with ingredients that are both enriching, and purposeful. We never use fillers and promise to be 100% transparent with our ingredients. We are sure to educate our customers on what they are taking so you can feel safe and informed. We are happy to say all our products are vegan friendly and made in the USA.

We hope Booty Supps inspires growth; growth in confidence and growth in your booty. 

But most importantly, we hope you spoil your booty.