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Product Details

VOLUP's Big Booty Supplements BIG BOOTY KIT includes:

  • Muscle Building Stimulant Free Pre Workout Beverage
  • Muscle Building Whey Protein Beverage
  • VOLUP Shaker Bottle
  • 3 Month Gym Workout Program 
  • 3 Month Home Workout Program
  • Diet Guide for muscle growth 
  • Recipe Book for Protein Powder
  • Grocery list for muscle growth 
  • Big Booty Kit Guide
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (after 3 kits)

What is the Big Booty Kit?

Build muscle in all the right places with VOLUP's big booty supplements BIG BOOTY KIT. This Kit includes everything you need to grow muscle (like your booty).

How Long Does It Last?

This is a 30 day supply. To see results, you will need to reorder every 30 days for at least 90 days.

Is it different than the BIG BOOTY KIT VEGAN?

The only difference is the type of protein in the kit. The BIG BOOTY KIT VEGAN contains a plant protein, instead of whey. Both proteins will have the same effect on the body, you just get to choose if you need consume plant protein or not.

Use the Big Booty Kit alongside your booty workouts for BIG results.

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Q: Do I have to workout while using these products?

A: Yes, your booty is a muscle called ‘Glutes’ and muscles can only be grown through exercise. When used with your booty wokrout routine, the Big Booty Kit helps speed up results.


Q: How long until I see results?

A: Results can vary based on your commitment to your workout, diet and supplement routine but our customers see noticeable results in 8 weeks and dramatic results in 16-24 weeks. 


Q: How long does the Big Booty Kit last?

A: Each kit is designed to be used 3-4x a week and should last 4-5 weeks, being reordered every 4-5 weeks.


Q: How often do I workout a week?

A: We suggest working out your glute/legs 3-4x a week in combination with the Big Booty kit.

Suggested Use

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Customer Reviews

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Maricela Romero
Like it so far

So far I’ve been seeing some results

Thank you guys for this amazing product

Volup is a game changer 🍑🧡

Angie P.
My favorite pre-work out!

Love the way it taste….it kicks in right on time and it gives me the energy I need to get through my workout . I’ve been consistent for over 2 months and Volup definitely has made a loyal client out of me.

Love it, clean quality feminine products

The branding is what sold me but the quality is what made me stay and continue to be a life long customer. The pump product continues to get better, the ingredients are top notch and fully dosed, I get amazing workouts and tons of blood flow

Jasmine Boyer
Booty Gainz 🍑😍

Booty bands paired with the plant based protein give me the voluptuous look I’ve been striving for! Great quality protein that actually tastes so yummy when blended for my post workout smoothies!!! Best part is it’s sweetened naturally with Stevia, so I can feel good about feeding my body with the best kind of nutrients.


We are selling results, not empty claims. You can order your Kit here stress-free.

We offer free Certified Personal Training with all purchases of a Kit so you can be sure you are using your Kit to its fullest potential. Together with the use of your Kit and a custom workout and diet plan developed by our trainers, we guarantee you will see results.

Please see our return policy for further details.